What if every position in your company was filled with top talent?  A reality that can exist outside of dream worlds - finding, attracting and selecting top talent requires a deliberate strategy and dedication to excellence.

ABACO International is committed to excellence every step of the way. We are much more than a search firm. Offering solutions such as Executive Search, Board Services and Talent Management, we are a partner in the success of our clients.

Executive Search

Exceptional leadership is an asset. By identifying and effectively cultivating a pool of global leaders recognized for their ability to produce results, we are able to enhance businesses in a lasting, quantifiable and meaningful manner.

Armed with experience, knowledge and an unprecedented industry perspective, ABACO International develops a relationship with clients to develop a unique, multi-tiered professional awareness of their needs.  Weighing background, attitude, approach and experience, ultimately we place the ideal executives within our client companies.

Board Services

With expertise in leadership and governance, ABACO International knows the importance of talent in the senior ranks of business. Applying practical experience, industry insight, creativity and skill, we work with members of the Governance Committee to gain an understanding of the unique business challenges facing the company and determine the exact mix of industry and functional expertise required to provide expert governance for the client. Serving clients of all scales and organizational types, we utilize an international reach, introducing the best qualified slate of Board candidates from around the world to businesses for consideration.

Talent Management Consulting

Economic conditions have resulted in layoffs and tight budgets. Yet, even as we embark on the process of rebuilding and recovering, businesses expect and will continue to expect the most from their workforce. With fewer employees expected to be accountable for more work, performance expectations are high. Therefore, the “who” in the hiring process is key. From when to hire to what positions to hire, ABACO International works with clients to help them align their business and talent strategies, and to create and develop high performance teams. ABACO International’s plan encompasses: Talent Management Planning, Proactive Sourcing, Expert Alumni Solutions and Top Grading Strategy Plans.