Each client and candidate is unique and deserving of individual attention.  We combine traditional search practices, focusing on candidate attributes like experience and skill sets, with a more encompassing and modern approach that considers abstract candidate and organizational characteristics.

With a comprehensive client reporting process, summarizing status and providing market insight, we keep our clients informed with competitive analysis, market trends and salary analysis.

Needs Analysis and Job Specification

ABACO International has spent years refining our process for successfully matching the best candidate for your job.  We begin every search with a blank page, an open ear and a comprehensive client interview.  Working directly with our client, we develop an outline that encompasses specific requirements, expectations and attributes of the opportunity while also looking at the qualities and personality characteristics of the best candidates.  Our process is a thorough multi-level assessment, helping to bring a clear perspective to the process and opportunity.


Upon approval, the collaboratively created position profile is called into action when the sourcing phase begins.  Identifying a diverse pool of the best possible candidates using a variety of methods, we “cast a wide net” via local, national and global strategic networks to create the search.  We never recycle the results of previous searches and we always employ original research.  We do not discriminate against qualified candidates.

Preliminary Screening

We are committed to presenting only the most qualified and appropriate candidates to our clients for consideration.  We achieve this by conducting a preliminary screening process that filters the initial candidate pool based on the position profile.  A second, more refined process is utilized to select the “best match” candidates.  These candidates are then confirmed as the strongest matches by in-person interviews or via video conference before they are presented to the client.


Aiming to offer three to five strong match candidates for consideration in each search, we are able to provide a group of candidates who are optimally experienced and suited for the opportunity.  When the best match candidates have been selected, the client is provided with summaries and the client interview process begins.


We independently collect, verify and interview a variety of professional references for each candidate from the client’s short list to help create a comprehensive professional presentation of each of the finalist candidates.  We also recommend and facilitate third party background, educational, security and credit screenings.*

The Offer

When the final candidate is selected, we act on the client’s behalf to present the offer.  By directly interacting with the candidate, managing the negotiation phase and remaining a neutral party, we assist the client and candidate in maintaining a level perspective while encouraging the open discussion of concerns and help ensure that both parties are satisfied with the final offer.

Follow Up and Guarantee

We guarantee our retained searches.  Keeping in contact and hosting a post-search meeting with the client and candidate individually allows us the opportunity to obtain feedback and ensure the ultimate satisfaction with our services.  At the six month mark, a final report including an overview of the previously identified performance measures as well as any final recommendations are provided to the client to officially complete the search process.

 *Please note, third party fees will not be assumed by ABACO International and are passed to the client.


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