What does your next executive placement look like?  We help you envision, recruit and hire the next star executive.  Our 31 years of combined industry experience and expertise are utilized to find the “best match” candidate.

  • We Care – The personal touch means everything.  Our clients consistently rank our superior service and customized approach as best practice in the business.

  • Full Service – We are an international full-service retained executive search firm.  We assume all the comprehensive legwork so you don’t have to.

  • Trusted Advisors – From a complete assessment of the intangibles to the insight of our talent management perspective, it’s not just the “who” that is strategic in our process, but also the when and for what position.

  • Global Reach – We cast a wide net via strategic networks to locate the best qualified individuals for each opportunity.  ABACO International’s affiliate distinction with TRANSEARCH International, one of the top 10 retained search firms in the world, expands our global reach when needed.

  • Diverse in Search – Leveling the playing field, we search a varied array of resources and utilize a multitude of methods to create a truly diverse slate of candidates.

  • Proven Process – We combine traditional search practices with a more encompassing and modern approach that considers abstract candidate and organizational characteristics.  This process has earned the firm a 100% project completion rate.


What if every position in your company was filled with top talent? Finding top talent, attracting them and selecting them requires a deliberate strategy and dedication to excellence.
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