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Retained Executive Search

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ABACO International Partners follows the tried-and-true principles of the retained executive search process used worldwide, then takes retained search a step further. Matching executive leaders with company culture, teams, and values requires thoughtful consideration of human behavior in all of its complexity.

Many firms offer assessment tools but utilize separate departments or outsourced third parties to conduct the assessments. We offer a completely integrated process that allows us to thoroughly evaluate each candidate with regard to the holistic need and culture profile of the organization. This makes a significant difference in the success of the new hire.

Retained executive Search process


We follow up with the individuals we place throughout their first full year in the role and guarantee our placements for one full year.

Many search firms compensate their managing partners and top search consultants for selling to clients, not for identifying candidates. They employ junior team members to conduct the search and evaluation. With ABACO International Partners, your assigned partner will support you along every step of the search.

Hogan Assessments

Our Hogan Assessments are conducted in-house as part of our everyday search methodology. We assess not only technical skills but the individual’s leadership traits, personality, and values to determine their likelihood of success in the role. Learn more about Hogan Assessments.