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ABACO International Partners offers a wealth of solutions to align the expertise, culture, and focus of a team with the mission of the organization, from the executive suite to the front lines.

We employ globally tested methods in retained executive search alongside validated tools and techniques in psychometric assessment of leadership skills and cultural values.

Our solutions include

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Executive Search & Recruiting

Board Selection

Board Selection & Development

Leadership Development

Executive & Leadership Development


Organizational Development

Retained Executive Search

We are values-driven and committed to helping our clients attract and retain top talent for their growing businesses. As active advocates for diversity leadership and initiatives, we intentionally tailor our community engagement to ensure access to a broad selection of leadership and expertise representing all characteristics of diversity.

Hogan Assessments

Hogan Assessments

In addition to retained executive search, ABACO International serves as your Hogan Assessments partner providing leadership and organizational development solutions that empower businesses to create productive, meaningful, and inclusive cultures.

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Marie Guillot


ABACO International Partners was founded in 2008 by Marie Guillot, building off more than 20 years driving success for startups and rapid-growth businesses in industries focused on technology and innovation. As an executive search and leadership development consultant, her clients have ranged from PE-backed and self-funded startups to multinational, publicly traded companies.

Since 2019, Marie has served as a coach for 50/50 Women on Boards and chairs the Women on Board Institute for the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

Marie and her team understand that each step along the journey presents businesses with new opportunities and challenges. ABACO International Partners connects businesses with the leaders that transform their vision into a reality.